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Framed Displays of Real Butterflies

Give the gift of nature's art when you give a butterfly collection! Mounted butterflies in a display make great gifts for a wedding or any occasion.
Butterfly collectors are not the only ones who love them. Real butterflies are beautifully mounted & framed for collecting and make a unique gift that must be seen to be appreciated!

Beautiful framed farm-raised butterflies for gift-giving or decorating any home or office. These specimen displays, hand-crafted in Peru by native peoples, have truly breathtaking colors with some specimens measuring almost 6 inches across!

Give the Gift of Nature's Art! Framed butterfly displays make great decorations or gifts for a wedding or any occasion, not only as an addition to a butterfly collection! All our butterfly displays are beautifully mounted & framed for collecting or giving. Also makes a unique or unusual gift. They must be seen to be appreciated!

These exotic butterfly displays are lovely examples of Nature's beauty and can't be fully appreciated with any photograph! The framed butterflies are mounted against a back glass (not just pressed against a cotton background) in quality, lightly stained, wood frames. In this way while the tops may normally be displayed the undersides (sometimes very different from the tops) of all butterflies are also available to be viewed.

Supporting the butterfly farms helps halt deforestation!

It may surprise you to learn that butterfly collecting actually helps the Earth's ecology since it allows local people to raise butterflies to support their families, giving them an incentive to maintain the rain forests and jungles!

Butterflies live only a week or two and mate immediately after emerging from their chrysalis. The female lays eggs as quickly as possible on the plant preferred by the species - if those plants are kept available!

By supporting these farming efforts the land can be kept profitable for the locals without the need to resort to drastic deforestation or industrialization.

Top Threats to Rainforest Butterflies are

Larry J. Orsak Ph.D. (World Wildlife Fund advisor) explains how butterfly harvesting protects butterfly species!

In a February 2001 National Geographic article, Ronald D. Cave writes,
"The biggest threat ... is not insect hobbyists but loss of habitat... Click HERE for the article.

"...collecting or buying tropical butterflies seems nothing less than a way to speed up their extinction. Right? Wrong! Those who equate killing butterflies with destroying butterflies don't know much about butterflies, the tropics, or what strategies have gotten people in developing countries to save their forests.
The fact is, buying tropical insects for your collection may be the best investment you ever made in tropical forest protection."

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Our displays are all handmade in Peru and each is a one-of-a-kind creation.

Buy with confidence, each display comes with a care sheet to help ensure the beauty will last for years and years to come.

Product variations
As will all one-of-a-kind and handmade art there are variations between products so it is impossible to photograph every item, but rest assured, your purchase will be beautiful!

We cannot promise what combination of butterflies you will get in your arrangement (the pictures on this web site are now several years old) but during check-out you can tell us what you like in your set and we will try to fulfill your request but we cannot never guarantee an exact request match.

We cannot identify what species are included in each arrangement so we are unable to select or reject arrangements based on the Latin names of butterflies on your want list.

If your butterfly request is more detailed than we normally fill it may take an extra day or two while we look around our inventory for an approximation of what you wanted. 

If you require us to separate out candidates then email you the pictures to select from there is an extra, non-refundable charge of $10.00.

See the "Policies" page for details and for shipping info, privacy policies, etc.

To leave comments about your order please use the space provided during checkout in your shopping cart.



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