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We promised to NEVER share your email or home address with anyone EVER (unless there's a warrant involved). We also promise that if we ever even think about changing this policy we will first ASK you (in plain English) if you would mind sharing your address and then we will honor your request. If you ever want to get off the email list (assuming you signed up) we will remove you from the list.

Shipping info
We most often ship via USPS Priority Mail. This normally takes no more than 3 business days to anywhere in the contiguous 48 US states, however the U.S. Post Office will not guarantee this.

If you like, we will ship via FedEx overnight, FedEx 2nd day, or FedEx 3rd day for an additional charge. (If FedEx delivery is later than promised, they refund the cost of shipping.)

We want you to be happy with your order. Naturally, any items damaged in shipping will require you to
contact us for a return authorization number for an exchange. You must let us know as soon as you discover the damage that there is a problem. Problems not reported in a timely fashion will not be eligible for exchange.

Caution! Products contain glass!
We care about you so be careful when opening your newly arrived package! Products contain glass which can cut you and then hurt real bad. If glass is broken from shipping... BE CAREFUL !! Pack everything back up and write us for an RMA so we may instruct you how to exchange your butterflies.

How to best care for your butterflies

These specimens have been preserved for many years of decorative enjoyment provided they are treated properly.

The correct environment for your butterfly display is important. We have arrangements on our walls that have been beautiful for 15 years and your home is probably already a good environment too!

Follow these 3 simple rules so your family and friends can enjoy these beautiful displays for years to come.

· Keep the display out of direct sunlight. This may cause the butterflies to fade and/or deteriorate at an accelerated rate and the display to fog. Though the butterflies are beautiful in regular room light if you wish to highlight them we recommend an artificial full-spectrum light source. Full-spectrum bulbs are available at most sewing, garden, and pet supply shops as well as many hardware stores.

· Do not display your butterflies in the bathroom. The humidity may damage the display.

· Avoid exposing the display to prolonged, excessive heat. This can also speed deterioration.

That’s about it! It’s so simple you can have displays in almost every room and the most you’ll ever need to do is dust the frames (but if they do need cleaning a cloth or paper towel lightly moistened with glass cleaner is recommended)!





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